"After meeting Kathy at a meditation class, I started attending her weekly Yoga Therapeutics classes at the Redding Center for Meditation. Although I don't have any particular physical issues and have been paracticing yoga for a few years, I found Kathy so welcoming and engaging that I wanted to try out her class. And I wasn't diasappointed! Kathy is a really wonderful teacher, bringing an unusual combination of expertise (she has a PhD in exercise physiology), structure, improvisation and fun to her classes. She adjusts each class to the needs of the students so each one is a little different. I've learned so much about good alignment and, with her guidance, feel that I only now understand poses I've been doing for years. Her classes are magical and in a truly lovely setting. I come away from each one feeling re-energized and re-inspired!"

-Cathy S., Wilton, CT


"Kathy Sward is an amazing teacher. I feel lucky to have found her through an Osteoporosis/Arthritis workshop at the Bedford Post Yoga Loft. My endocrinologist told me that yoga would be good for my osteoporosis, but she also told me that it could be dangerous without the help of an extremely knowledgeable instructor and Kathy is just that. She knows more than most professionals, doctors or physical therapists, about how to deal with your long term physical movement exercise needs. She has an encyclopedic understanding of how the body works. She can tell you exactly what you need to do to improve what ails you: poor posture, limited movement, strength issues, etc. She is also kind, compassionate and extremely understanding of your physical limitations. Kathy encourages and guides you to doing the best you can, making your smile and laugh though some challenging workouts. I feel like I greatly benefit from her weekly class that I now attend."

-Hillary Rosenfeld, South Salem, NY


"My very dear friend suggested that I attend an informational yoga class at the Yoga Loft this past Sunday.  As hard as it may be to believe, I had never taken a yoga class, nor did I practice any athletic discipline, despite the recommendation of my Rheumatologist. My experience at your class was wonderful! Being educated to understand our bodies, and how specific illnesses can benefit by this yoga technique has made me realize exercise does not have to hurt.  Your level of expertise and kind, calm manner eliminated any anxiety that I may have been feeling when I arrived.  The final piece of the session was so powerful, the ability to relax my body and mind, I felt as I do after a wonderful massage.  As the session ended I asked another students if all Yoga classes are like this? and she said no, This class was Amazing!  I have thought about how to sum up my experience and I will say I felt like this was a massage I gave myself from the inside out!  Thank you, and I will be attending more of your classes."  

- Pam C., Danbury, CT

"Kathy's work is a wonderful amalgam of Western medical knowledge and Eastern practices.  I relish the careful attention and instruction she imparts as I labor through my stretches and exercises, and I melt away when she composes a Reiki session. Kathy radiates joy and engenders trust in all that she does."

- Dave Ceponis, Ridgefield , CT

"I am so happy to have found a healthcare professional that is able to provide me with an individualized wellness program and coach me toward my goal of pain free living.  My active lifestyle was interrupted by the injuries sustained in an auto accident. After seeing many medical specialists, I was still unable to get back to my pre-accident activities.  Kathy's services have afforded me the opportunity to work at just the right level of activity, a level that allows me to strengthen without re-injury.  Kathy's extensive educational background is readily apparent during each session.  Her sharing of information provides a deeper understanding of my limitations giving me the confidence to move forward without the worry of discouraging setbacks. It’s a gift to have found someone who brings it all together!"

Paula Molloy, Redding, CT

"I started working with Dr. Sward after leaving a very high stress job where I had been experiencing significant problems with stress and anxiety. She developed a program for me consisting of yoga and Reiki. I have done yoga in the past, but Dr. Sward brings a scientific knowledge of how the body and nervous system function that adds an elevated level of focus and benefit to my practice.  Her knowledge of the body’s physiology combined with her perceptive intuition and immense knowledge of yoga, make her sessions the most effective I have experienced. She has a very calm and easy manner, punctuated with humor, yet she is firm and results oriented. 

Prior to working with Dr. Sward, I had never experienced Reiki. I was in awe of the benefits after just one session with her. I felt a sense of well-being, peace, and relaxation that extended over several days. My stomach calmed down and I was pain free. Even my family members perceived the difference in my energy level after the first session, commenting that I seemed more peaceful, happy, and relaxed than I had been for a very long time.

I have a deep respect for Dr. Sward and her practice. I have benefited deeply in her care, and enthusiastically recommend her unique abilities to others who are in search of an individualized program and a path to health and well being."

- Melinda Shea, Redding, CT

"After a serious illness that left my muscles weak and feeling discouraged, Kathy prescribed a strength training program in combination with relaxation techniques and gentle yoga. Her compassion, patience, encouragement, and support were consistent and very effective! Today, I am strong and healthy. I continue to see Kathy on a regular basis. My program has been modified as my body/mind improves. And I lost weight as an added bonus!! Do not hesitate to call her!"

- Judy Klein, Brookfield, CT.

"I lost 75 pounds working with Kathy! My doctor and family couldn’t believe it. I followed her prescription of diet and exercise. She educated me regarding my health and it just clicked with me. Kathy has a wonderful sense of humor, listens, and guides. I have maintained my weight loss for 2 years. If too much weight is your issue- I highly recommend Kathy! No reservations at all!

- Steven Mateo,  Weston, CT