Seminars and Workshops

Dr. Sward's experience as a faculty member/researcher and fitness and yoga instruction at the University of Pittsburgh Medical School have nourished a passion for working with groups of people wanting to learn and improve their health.  Because her experience has been so diverse, she is able to offer something to everyone--no matter what their skill level, current knowledge, or ability.

Some of the groups Dr. Sward has worked with in the past include physicians, therapists, and other health care professionals, charities, corporate executives, athletic teams (both high school and college), retirement homes, garden clubs, churches and temples, and weekly social gatherings between friends.  Dr. Sward's enthusiasm, wonderful sense humor, and extensive knowledge of both Western and Eastern approaches to healing, medicine, and lifestyle improvement combine to make a wonderful resource.

Formats vary from a one-time lecture to a series of classes where participants learn to apply the topic. These are a few titles of selected workshops that Dr. Sward has given:

  • Strong and Sure: Strength Training for Osteoporosis 
  • Lift Your Spirits: Exercise for Depression 
  • Yoga and Cardiovascular Disease 
  • Yoga and Stress
  • Exercise! Medicine for Diabetics 
  • VA Stride: Increasing Physical Activity in Veterans 
  • Lose Weight with Lifestyle Medicine
  • The Mind/Body Connection: Exercise, Relaxation, Health
  • Healthy Body-Healthy Heart

Dr. Sward also has 10 years of lifestyle intervention research experience in which she designed and implemented healthy lifestyle interventions for underserved populations in the communities of Pittsburgh, PA. As an investigator, she was involved in all aspects of her studies- from design, recruitment, retaining participants, data collection, analysis, closing, and publication.

 If you are interested in hosting a seminar, workshop, or your interest is research, please contact Dr. Sward to discuss opportunities


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